Hi, I'm Rhys, I'm nineteen years old and autistic. My hobbies are designing new solutions for people, writing my thoughts in blogs and books as well as a bit of video and photography on the side. I'm a big thinker with a whole host of ideas ready to be put into place, starting with things you'll see on this site such as books and concepts that put gaming and socialising together.

I've learnt over the years to develop what I'm good at so I have useful skills in life, rather than trying to become good at something that my brain just isn't able to do. Examples of this include language based thinking such as learning new languages and programming as well as sports and athletics in order to focus on visual thinking that a great piece of design and storytelling provides.

I'm very analytical and think my actions through in depth, making sure in the workplace I know what I'm doing, I know where I stand with friends and can deliver a great piece of work the first time round with my personal projects. Rather than "living life on the edge" as many people strive to do, I prefer to be straight and accurate in life because knowing where I stand in any given time means I can be comfortable for the future. Deviating from what you're currently working on doesn't mean bettering your life, to me it means confusing it and cluttering it with unnecessary things. I'm lucky enough to know where my strengths and weaknesses lie and in that sense the whole "finding yourself" you do as a teenager plays no part in my life. I take each day as it comes, spending it as if it was the last, with real purpose and intent. No glitz or glamour from me, I'm no good at that, it's all about getting my head down and improving the world around me, using my different way of thinking and viewpoints to inject life into rather soulless things.


Create. Inspire. Perfect.

At the heart of my beliefs is this idea that we should give back to the world in which we are born in. I call this the creation vs consumption paradigm. In our lives we either consume or create things, in essence, I believe that it is both moral and essential for you to create more than you consume. If you think about the things that pushed our world forward, it wasn't people engaged in the world around them utilising everything that existed, it was instead people who created and in their minds had a view of the future.

The second part is making sure people are inspired by what you create, once you get into a mindset of creating new things you can see what people take to and what people don't. Generally speaking, if you like something, others will like it too, giving you a platform to share your work.

The last part is about perfecting what you have and making sure it is the best it can be in order to appeal to as many people as possible. Widening the appeal means more people can engage and have access to your creations, increasing its value. Once you perfect something you can move onto the next big idea. It's perfectionist in nature but it's all for a better society and world.


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